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1 Can I use Themida/WinLicense from a computer with no internet connection or better under a VirtualBox/VMWare environment? I was wondering if internet is required for WinLicense to work.

It should be totally fine to run Themida/Winlicense under a VMWare/VirtualBox environment or a computer with no internet connection. Themida/WinLicense just requires internet connection if you enable the Taggant option (in Protection Options panel). Anyway,…

2 Do I need to ship SecureEngineXX.dll with my protected application?

The linking with SecureEngineSDK DLL is removed at protection stage. Your protected application does not require that DLL to run, so you don't need to ship it with your application.

3 In the "Virtual Machine panel", what "Protection Core" means? Should I choose "Automatic handling of virtual machines"?

The option "Protection Core" means all the code that is executed for the protection. For example, all the protection boot code that is executed before your application takes control. With the new Virtual Machine model, you can include the name of the Virtual…

4 After protecting my application, MadExcept does not show its exception dialog. I just get the standard exception message from Delphi.

Please, go to the "SecureEngine Config" panel and check the option "ImplicitRedirection" so MadExcept will be able to hook specific APIs.

5 I use it in VC 2008 in the custom build steps. If I call Themida from the console window, Themida will write the build informations into the console window. If I'm doing the same inside VC 2008, Themida will work without problems, but no output is generated at all. This would be very helpful to see, if the build was successful, or if something failed. Do you have any idea, why it's not generating a output?

Please, pass the /shareconsole parameter when you call Themida via the command line. Example: Themida.exe /protect YourProject.tmd /shareconsole

6 I'm evaluating Themida DEMO to protect my Windows service, but after protecting it my service does not start at all. What should I do?

Please, notice that the DEMO version displays a splash screen before the protected application starts. For Windows services, that splash screen cannot be displayed, so the protected service cannot start. You can send us your unprotected windows service and…

7 How can I avoid the command line output displayed by WinLicense/Themida when protecting my project via the command line protection?

You just need to add the "/q" parameter when you call Winlicense from the command line. Example: Winlicense.exe /protect MyProject /q

8 I'm protecting several projects at once from the command line, so I get benefit of my Quad-Core machine. I can see that sometimes WinLicense hangs when protecting multiple projects from the command line.

You should add the command line parameter "/multiuser" when launching WinLicense concurrently from the command line. Example: Winlicense.exe /protect MyProject1 /multiuser The "/multiuser" switch will open the Winlicense database in multiuser mode, so it…

9 When should I check the option "DLL Plugin" when protecting my DLL?

If your protected DLL is going to be used as a plugin for a third party application or you are protecting your main application (EXE) and your DLL/s, we recommend you checking the option "DLL Plugin". The option "DLL Plugin" offers more compatibility for…

10 My application requires administrator's privileges to run on Vista. Will my protected application run with admin's rights?

Protected applications will run with the same privilege level as your unprotected application. If you want to raise to admin's rights you can go to the "Advanced Options" panel and select "Run as admin in Vista" in the "Add Manifest" option.