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1 Can you tell me about how Themida/WinLicense subscriptions work?

When you purchase Themida/WinLicense, you will have 12 months of free upgrades and technical support. In order to keep our projects alive and up dated we require a small amount of capital to keep producing the updated versions. When your original subscription…

2 I have paid via Shareit but you have not sent me any invoice. Can you send it, please?

Please, notice that Shareit changed the way that orders are processed. When you purchase a product from us, Shareit is the one that purchases the product from us and sells it to you (that is, you are purchasing the product to Shareit and not to us) So, Shareit…

3 If we purchase your software via Bank wire transfer, will you provide our company with an invoice for our purchasing?

Sure, just let us know your company details that you want to appear in the invoice and VAT ID for European Union countries and we will send you a valid invoice for your purchasing (in PDF format)

4 Does initial purchase include some degree of update support, or must I purchase the update subscription at the outset to get updates during the first year (or whatever period)?

When you purchase any of our products, you have 12 months of free updates and technical support. After that period, you need to get a subscription plan to keep receiving updates and technical support. Of course, you can continue using our products even if…

5 I paid to Shareit via bank wire transfer, why I have not received your software yet?

You have paid via bank wire transfer to Shareit. In that case, Shareit is the one that collects the money and send us the notification when everything is processed. So, you will receive your license as soon as we get the Shareit notification email. This take…

6 As soon as the free update period (9 months initially) expires, I will need to renew WinLicense subscription. Do I have to pay the renewal fee before it expires or is it possible to pay somehow later (if I happen to forget) but in this case the new free update period will start backdated to the actual end of previous free update period?

You can renew it at any time, even if your free update period expired for several months. When you purchase the subscription plan, it will start again the day that you purchase the subscription plan.

7 Suppose I will be the only one developer in our company who will use WinLicense, do I need to purchase Company license or will Single developer license be enough?

Company licenses are for companies with more than one software developer. If you are the only developer in your company or registered as one-man company, you just need to get the "Single Developer" license.