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1 Can I specify via the command line a file which contains all files that will be embedded in XBundler?

1) We have added a command line switch /xbundlerfiles. Example: Themida.exe /xbundlerfiles FILE_LIST.TXT /protect YOUR_PROJECT_FILE.TMD 2) The "FILE_LIST.TXT" will contain all the names of files that you want to embed. Example: MyFile1.txt, 0 MyFile2.txt,…

2 How can I dynamically add or remove files from XBundler without having to go to the WinLicense User Interface? I need to constantly change the number of files to embed and it's painful to go to the user interface each time.

You can do it via editing a XML project file. Please, follow the next steps: 1) You have to save a project in Winlicense, adding a few files in the XBundler panel. 2) Export the project as XML (Project--> Export to XML file) 3) If you edit the XML project,…

3 I'm trying to embed a config file in XBundler (using "Never Extract to disk"option) and I want to modify that file in runtime, so next time that my application starts, the config file is also updated. After protecting it, when I launch my protected application, the config file is always the same, no matter if I write to it. What's wrong?

Please, notice that all embedded files in XBundler (with option "Never Extract to disk") are handled as read-only files, so you cannot modify them in runtime. If you want to modify a file that you are bundling, you have to select an extraction option for…

4 I'm using the option "ActiveX" in XBundler, so my OCXs are registered when the protected application is launched. How can I avoid that my OCX is registered in case that it's already registered in the system?

You have to create a file called "XBundlerCLSID.ini" in the same folder as your unprotected application and insert information about the CLSID of each DLL/OCX that are going to be registered from XBundler. The following example shows the information inside…

5 I want to embed several DLLs using XBundler and checked the option "ActiveX support" so they are registered. Can I just select specific DLLs from being registered and not all of them?

Yes, when you have inserted your DLLs in the XBundler panel, hold the [CTRL] + [1] keys and click on the name of the DLL that you don't want to register. You can see that it changes from "Never write to disk" to "Never write to disk (no ActiveX)".

6 I’m using the option “Extract to disk” for several files that I’m bundling with XBundler. The files are extracted correctly under Windows XP but it fails under Vista and Windows 7. What’s happening?

It seems that the problem is that the file cannot be created under Vista/Windows 7 due to UAC restrictions, which might be denying file creation if your application is not launched with an administrator manifest. You have several options: 1) In the Advanced…

7 I want to bundle my OCX in XBundler but not sure if it will work as my OCX needs to be registered in the system via regsvr32.exe

Latest versions of Themida/WinLicense supports ActiveX support in XBundler. You just need to go to the XBundler panel, add your desired OCX/DLLs, select the option "ActiveX Support" and protect your application

8 I want to XBundle my files but with relative paths to parent folders, so can I move my projects and files across computers and protect them from there?

In the XBundler panel, select the option "Allow bundling from any directory". After that, when you drag your files from a parent folder, make sure that you press the "CTRL" key while dragging. The files will be added to the XBundler list with relative paths…

9 If I bundle some large graphics files and DLLs, is that going to influence the performance of my program?

Notice that everything that you embed with XBundler is encrypted all the time till it’s required by your application. That is, if you load/unload your DLL or you open/close your graphic files, it will be decrypted and encrypted back. So, you could see some…

10 I want to protect a DLL and bundle some data files using XBundler, but it does not work.

Notice that using XBundler on DLLs might not always work as it depends on how the target application handle the DLL. You might get an exception on main application exit. The best way is to check if your DLL with XBundler works fine in the target application,…

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