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1 I want to create 100 password keys for my application. How can I do it?

You have two ways to generate passwords for your protected application: - From the WinLicense interface -> Please go to the top menu and click on "Managers -> Password -> Add" - From your application, using the WinLicenseSDK.dll file (function "WLGenPassword").…

2 Is it possible to customize the password dialog displayed by WinLicense?

The current version of WinLicense does not support customization of the password dialog. Instead, you can create your own password dialogs inside your application and use the WinLicense password related functions to verify the entered password. Of course,…

3 How does the Password protection work?

When Password protection is enabled, the protected application will be encrypted with the application password hash. If desired, WinLicense can ask for a password to run the protected application. Note that if an incorrect password is entered, the application…