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1 I have seen an option to detect when my application is running under a virtual environment (like VMWare, VirtualPC, etc). Also, I see a function in WinLicense to detect a virtual environment "WLCheckVirtualPC". I'm not sure if I have to combine both options or if they are mutually exclusive

Basically, if you uncheck the option "Virtual PC Compatible" (in the "Protection Options" panel) your application will refuse to start under a virtual environment (like VMWare, VirtualBox....). The "MsgID13" (in Customized Dialog panel) will be displayed.…

2 Can you give me a simple guide about how to create Trial periods for my application and how to register my application with WinLicense?

At first glance, WinLicense might look a bit complex to use but as son as you familiarize a bit with it you can see that it’s very intuitive. Here we explain the very basic way to create trial/registration schemes for your application protected with WinLicense.…

3 In the Software panel I see an option ("Input File Type") to select the type of file that I'm protecting, should I always select the correct one to protect my application effectively?

Internally that field is ignored as WinLicense knows the file type that you are protecting. We put that field to allow our customers to have more information about the type of file that they are protecting for their different "Software". Anyway, you can ignore…

4 I want to protect via command line but specifying a different input application, how can I specify the relative path of the file to protect? I don't want to work with full paths.

By default, the current path is the same as where "Winlicense.exe" is located. So, you can insert the relative path from that location. If you don't want that the paths are relative to the location of "WinLicense.exe" but instead from the current folder from…

5 How can I use the Winlicense SDK functions in my MinGW application? I get compiler errors.

Just place latest "C include" files in your project folder and add the following line to your source code: #include "WinlicenseSDK.h" When you compile and link your application, you have to specify the "WinlicenseSDK.dll" as parameter and use the linking…

6 In my development machine, I protect my application with the option "Trial in Debug Mode". How can I know if my application was protected with "Trial Debug Mode" or not? I don't want to release versions of my application in debug mode!

You can use the function "WLTrialDebugCheck" to know if your application was protected or not with the option "Trial in Debug Mode"

7 I've built a custom licensing dialog into our program. To do this I need to use the WinLicenseSDK.dll at runtime to call the WLTrialDaysLeft, WLRegExecutionsLeft, WLHardwareGetID and other functions. Your help file says, "The WinlicenseSDK.dll must not be released with your protected program." How do I do this? The dll is required for these functions.

The WinLicenseSDK.dll is only required when you run your unprotected application (unprotected state). In unprotected state, WinLicense returns the fakes values that you can edit in the "WinLicenseSDK.ini" file, so, you can check the behavior of your application…

8 How much extra work / coding needs to be done by Us to allow our product to work with WL?

You can use WinLicense in two ways: 1) You just protect your application with the Trial/Licensing features that you want and WinLicense will handle everything for you, you just change the "Customized Dialog" messages to adapt it to your software if you want.…

9 Does WLStringDecrypt() work properly in unprotected mode?

Sorry but that API only works when the application is protected. It does not work in unprotected mode because it’s in the protection stage when the string is really encrypted.

10 Is there any defined exit codes for protected applications when Registration fails?

Yes, there are 2 different Exit Codes defined in WinLicense: 2 = Error in Registration (key invalid, bad hardware ID, etc.) 3 = Error in Trial (expired by days, executions, wrong trial extensión key, etc.)

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