I'm protecting my applications on a computer with no internet connection and I want to add Taggant to my files. Can I add the Taggant certificate at a later time from a different computer with internet connection?
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Yes, we have added the command line option "/latetaggant", so the protected application will be ready to accept a taggant certificate at a later time. Example:

Themida.exe /latetaggant /protect "MyProjectFile.tmd"

Notice that the protected application with "/latetaggant" cannot be executed until the taggant is applied.

To add the taggant certificate at a later time, you have to use the command line option "/embedtaggant", passing the file to apply the taggant. Example:

Themida.exe /embedtaggant MyProtectedFile.exe

For the time being, the "latetaggant" option is only available for command line protection, you cannot do it from the User Interface.
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