I have a few Portuguese strings inside my VIRTUALIZER macro but some of them are not recognize when I click on the "ANSI strings" tab in the "Protection Macros" panel. What's wrong?
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Code Virtualizer searches for printable chars to be able to determine if a pointer to "something" is a string or not. As your string might contain special Portuguese characters the internal function to determine if a specific char is printable might fail.

You can change the current locale, so Code Virtualizer will be able to find your Portuguese string.

1) Edit your Virtualizer.ini file and add under the [General] section add the following entry:

StrEncryptLocale = Portuguese

2) Restart Code Virtualizer and go to the "Protection Macros" panel and click on your specific VIRTUALIZER macro and go to the bottom "ANSI strings" tab and make sure that your Portuguese strings can now be recognized

You can change the "StrEncryptLocale" entry for a different language, like "Russian", "Spanish", etc.
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