I have a few Portuguese strings in my STR_ENCRYPT macro but some of them are not recognize when I click on the STR_ENCRYPT macro in the "Protection Macros" panel. What's wrong?
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Themida/WinLicense search for printable chars to be able to determine if a pointer to "something" is a string or not. As your string might contain special Portuguese characters the internal function to determine if a specific char is printable might fail.

You can change the current locale, so Themida/WinLicense will be able to find your Portuguese string.

1) Edit your Themida.ini/WinLicense.ini file and add under the [General] section add the following entry:

StrEncryptLocale = Portuguese

2) Restart Themida/WinLicense and go to the "Protection Macros" panel and click on your STR_ENCRYPT macro and make sure that your Portuguese strings can now be recognized

You can change the "StrEncryptLocale" entry for a different language, like "Russian", "Spanish", etc.
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