I want to check if I have set up correctly the PHP files and settings to use the Activation feature in WinLicense. What's the easier way to check if I have everything set up correctly?
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1) We recommend reading the section "Activation" in the "WL Orders Manager" for basic server setup. The most important thing is that you edit the "main_settings.php" file and put there the correct values for your "WL Orders Manager" MySQL database (user name, password, etc)

2) You can directly call your activation PHP page giving a real or fake activation key. For example, suppose that you have copied the "activate.php" page (along with the rest of the shipped PHP files) in the following URL:


You can put in your browser the following address passing a real/fake activation key and hardware ID:


If everything is OK, then you should get the output value generated by the "activate.php" page (like if activation key is correct and a license is generated, activation key not found, etc). If you have not set up your PHP pages correctly, then you should get more information about the error reported by your browser, which should help you identifying the problem.

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