If I want to show my dialogs (from inside my application) of days remaining and all other things, without using dialogs displayed after the WinLicense protection, I must buy WinLicense DLL Control or can I do this with my WinLicense? (example: if the application trial period is expired, I want to manage it from code, not show default dialogs)
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WinLicense DLL control is only for very specific situations. WinLicense can handle all common situations without the need of DLL Control.

Please, go to the “Customized Dialogs” panel and you can see there all messages displayed by WinLicense. For each trial/registration message, you can tell WinLicense to display that message or not. That is, if for example you select the “MsgID15: Trial Days Expired” and you check the option “Display by SDK or not displayed” that means that even if your trial has expired by days, WinLicense will NOT show any message and will KEEP your application running! So, you are the responsible to take care of that event (by calling the WinLicense SDK API, like WLTrialDaysLeft in this example) and do the proper action when the trial is expired by days. 

Remember that for each message, you can enable if it will be handled by Winlicense or you (by checking either the option “Will be displayed by Winlicense” or “Displayed by SDK or not displayed” for each message). So, you just need to take care of those messages that you want to handle from your application and leave special message/events (like license corrupted, Stolen license key, etc) to be handled by WinLicense.

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